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well i promise one day i will actually blog again instead of just posting music but seriously, this new song from active child completely slipped by me but thank the heavens i came across it today because it. is. incredible. i love being reminded how much i love musicians like active child. i want/need to see them live. i imagine amazingness.



doin it

it’s finally fall ya’ll

wish i had more time to blog these days but i’ve been a busy bee…

settling into my new apartment {still}

taking weekend trips

and catching up on all the new fall TV {tough i know}

i couldn’t be more excited for my favorite month of the year {and my birthday in 28 days!} here’s a pumpkin pie recipe i want to try…

deep dish pumpkin meringue pie

and here’s what i can’t stop listening to…

only 22 days until fall… scarves, sweaters, tights, hats, pumpkins… yes and yes