for this. 1/29/13


Screen Shot 2012-12-05 at 11.47.40 AMas i mentioned this summer, my sister is engaged and will be getting married next year. her good friend who took their engagement pictures just sent them over and they’re incredible. i am so happy that our family is growing… here’s a TINY peek of one of my favorites since i don’t think i’m really allowed to show any of them… ha ha

the little tree that could

the little tree that could

It’s the time of year again! It always seems to sneak up on us. I for one am not a big Christmas-y kinda stuff person. Sure I enjoy the tree, the gifts and such but I am more into the time off work with family and friends. I also just can’t seem to get into Christmas music. I know…”Bah-humbug”

Anyway, I did inherit a small tree from my sister for my apartment this year and while small, it gets the job done. (You can’t see in the pic but there’s a McAlister’s sweet tea ornament in there – my new favorite thanks to a sweet friend.)

I’m sure I’ll have more Christmas spirit one day especially if I have kids (I honestly hope Elf on the Shelf is still cool because I think they’re hilarious) but for now, I am content with a little tree and time with loved ones : )